I thought since we are right in the middle of holiday card photo season this blog post would be appropriate.  Why should you hire a professional to shoot your family photos?  There are many reasons to hire a professional, but by far the best answer is making it EASY for you!  No one - mainly the kiddos - want to do the family photo taken by Grandma in front of the fire place during a family gathering.  I can remember doing that as a kid and hating it!  And guess what - you can tell - I mean just look at me in this photo - yep, I am the one in the dress, eyes closed, fake smile... I mean I can't understand why my parents didn't blow this photo up and put it on the wall, hahaha!

Family photos should display your family at your best - while you are happy and having fun!  I have made a list of a couple reasons why a professional will make your life easier and more fun for everyone!

1 - They are the professional - Simple as that.  They know lighting, they know their equipment, and they know how to make you look your very best for the shot.  It's usually a quicker process then trying to pose your family on your own.  Plus the kiddos tend to listen to the pro - I always have a few tricks up my sleeve to get the best shot out of the kids:)  

2 - The great - no FANTASTIC - editing software:)  Editing software is great for portrait photography in helping you to look your very best.  Here is an example of a photo before and after the editing process.  There shouldn't be too much editing - however there is just enough editing to make the photo really pop and make YOU look FANTASTIC!!  After all that is the point, right?

3 - They are there to work for you.  When working with a professional they are there to work for you and are dedicated to get the shots.  I've heard many stories of people who have hired their friends or family and never end up getting the photos or the photos are not quite what you expected.  With a professional you are able to check out their photos prior to the shoot to see their style and make sure it is what you are looking for.  

4 - It's just plain fun :)  Working with a professional is fun, yes even for the boys:)  A lot of people are a little hesitant in front of the camera - myself included -  but in my experience, working with a pro helps ease the hesitation.  The pro will be able to see how you photograph and put your best face forward!  

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