Big Sky Youth Empowerment – BINGO Night

February 13th,  2015

I was extremely excited to be a sponsor at this year’s Big Sky Youth Empowerment Bingo night.  Missy O’Malley was the MC and, as always, did an incredible job entertaining everyone! The night was so much fun and raised lots of money for a fantastic cause.  I also maybe had one of the more humiliating experiences ever!  I won one of the Bingo rounds, but to my surprise realized two other guys also won that round.  Usually there is a 2-person tie-breaker, but since there were three of us, we had to go on stage and do a dance off… Yep, meaning I had to go on stage and dance in front of EVERYONE!!!  I was horrified!!!  To my surprise, when the music turned on – Kung Fu Fighting – another persona took over my body and I danced and danced and danced!  So much fun!! I was so exhausted after 30 seconds of dancing, I think I have found a new quick workout:) Though I had a great time up there, I ended up loosing to the strip tease that took place next to me – can’t really beat that, but I still had a great time!!

Enjoy the photos:)  Thanks to Pete, my hubby, for taking the photos while I was dancing away on stage!