One of the most common questions I get asked as a family portrait photographer is “when is the best time of year to do our family portraits?”  Well, certainly the busiest season for family portraits is the fall, the leaves are changing and everyone is gearing up to get those dreaded holiday cards out.  To avoid having to book your photographer months in advance, typically what happens in the fall, I’ll show you why family portraits are great every season - yes even winter:)  

Winter - How can you beat the snow capped mountains and snowy, white trees? I love shooting families in the winter - sometimes it can be a little chilly, but we do live in the mountains… why not embrace it? :)   Winter family photos create such a cozy feel.  Love, love, love it!

Spring - WILDFLOWERS… do I need to say anything else? Not only is the weather more tolerable, but the colors are bright and beautiful.  This is the time of year you can capture the snowy mountains without having to put on your snow pants.   

Summer - It’s actually warm, ha!  The days are long so you have the most flexibility when shooting outdoor photos.  The kids are happy to be outside and mom and dad don't have to hear them complain that it is too cold :)  Plus the light is so great in the summer! 

Fall - The leaves are changing, and the weather is getting a little chillier.  This is a great time for family photos!  Just be prepared to think ahead and book your photographer early:)

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