Barrett & Rachael, what a gorgeous couple!  I have known these two for a few years now.  Barrett and I met years ago working at a raft company in Big Sky, MT.  I have known Barrett with Rachael & I have known Barrett without Rachael.  It is very clear he is much happier when she is around.  His face lights just up when he sees her - it’s so fun to see!  

In true Big Sky fashion we needed to do the shoot on the top of the mountain where the views are the best.  I met these two just before sunset where I was introduced to their goofy puppy, Lander.  Hahaha, dogs in photo shoots just crack me up because they never do what you want them to do:)  They do create some hilarious candid shots though - Ha!

Barrett and Rachael I couldn’t be happier for you two.  Enjoy the photos and have a fabulous time planning your wedding!