Welcome to the world Baby Jack!

I met Joanna just a couple weeks ago.  She had the cutest little baby bump when we met over coffee.  She and her husband had just recently moved to Bozeman and were very excited and anxious for baby Jack to arrive. Jack blessed this world 3 weeks early.  Being a mom myself I know how precious these first few days are with your first baby.  Even though there is not a lot of sleep and the days and nights pass at a blur, the first few days of your baby's life are priceless.  Little Jack is an exceptional baby.  I have never met a newborn that has been so content to stay awake.  We tried to get him to fall asleep but as most newborns are he was on his own schedule.  He was so happy just to lay down and let me take photos.  Amazing! I loved it!  

Welcome to the world baby Jack.  Congrats Joanna and Nick & hopefully you get some sleep soon:)

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