Colin & Savannah - Engagement Photos - Big Sky, Montana

Colin & Savannah - a fairytale match.  He was a whitewater raft guide... she was a whitewater raft goer... he was her guide... and it all started from there...  

Well maybe not that cheesy, but this is truly a fairytale that you see in movies.  How many women have fantasized about traveling to the mountains of Montana and falling in love with their rugged, mountain man of a guide?   Little did we all know on that trip down the Gallatin River, our fellow raft guide Colin was going to meet his future wife.  The funny thing was, without most of us knowing, Colin switched out the boats with another guide so he could take Savannah and her family down the river that day... hmmm... sounds like he was very interested right from the start:)  

Colin and I met years ago when he first started guiding at Geyser Whitewater in Big Sky, Montana.  He was a great addition to the raft guide team, he is friendly, funny, charming, and can shotgun a beer - all the prerequisites of being a guide.  I met Savannah a few years later when she decided to follow her heart and her man out to Montana for a summer of Geyser fun.  I knew they were going to eventually get married.  Savannah is a sweet as the come and very charming with her adorable southern drawl.  

This engagement session was a blast.  We decided to shoot on top of the mountain in Big Sky so we could capture the amazing views and the mountains these two fell in love under.  What a blast!

Congrats you two!  I couldn't be more excited and happy for you both!