Three years and counting!  This is year three of photographing this adorable family.  The McKone's were one of my very first clients when I was just starting out.  We try to change up the look of the photo shoots every year and this year we decided to do the shoot at sunset in Bozeman... AMAZING!! We nailed the timing perfectly, which can be a little tricky when you have kiddos involved.  As you can tell this family is incredibly photogenic - I even became a finalist in a Johnson & Johnson photo contest with a past photo of their youngest son Mason.  Seeing these boys grow up is such a treat, and definite perk of photographing families year after year.  Wow has Mason become a little spit-fire, hahaha!  Must take after Dad:) 

Thanks McKone's for the laughs and another amazing photos shoot - this may be the best one yet:)

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