Bozeman, Montana High School Senior Portrait Photography

Brandon Bishop

High school senior photo shoots are always a blast.  One thing I try to do is incorporate a few personal touches from the senior's life into the shoot.  My favorite way to do this is by having the student choose one or two locations that hold a special significance to them in their high school lives.  It's a way to put a personal touch on the experience & bring the student to a more comfortable state of mind for what is usually a very foreign experience.

With Brandon, he chose two very special locations, both here in Bozeman, and dove right into the experience.  Those places- his grandparents farm & Taco Bell.  Taco Bell- I love it!  So out of the ordinary, but perfect in it's own way.

Brandon is definitely a cool guy.  Being that he is one of six siblings, it was so fun seeing him have a moment all to himself & the opportunity to let his unique personality shine.  

By the way, I'm totally digging that lobster shirt!

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